Start Eating Papaya Seeds Right Now –A Magical Cure for Gut, Liver, Kidney, Cancer and…

Papaya is an incredibly healthy and delicious fruit that provides many health benefits for your body. It abounds in many vitamins and minerals, including: Fiber Iron Calcium Phosphorus Thiamine Niacin Papain These health properties of papaya improve your immune as well as the digestive system. However, most of the people eat papaya, throwing away its […]

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Here’s What You Consume Each Time You Smoke

Every day, nearly 3,200 young people at the age of 18 or younger start their day lighting a cigarette, and this statistics is only for U.S, so you can imagine how high this number is for the entire world population. Unfortunately, most new smokers are not aware that this seemingly “fun” habit can lead to stroke, […]

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13 Simple Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in U.S. and throughout the world. According to the American Cancer Society, the number of new cancer deaths in 2016 will be 595,690. Despite how devastating this may seem, the truth is one third of all cancer cases can be avoided with simple, yet important lifestyle […]

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