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FDA Finds Majority of Herbal Supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens and Target Don’t Contain What They Claim – Instead Cheap Fillers Like Wheat and Soy Powder

There is no strict regulation related to herbal products and retail corporations like GNC, Walgreens and Walmart. They are taking advantage of this situation by selling herbal supplements that don’t include the ingredients stated on their labels. The NY State attorney general’s office started a research and thorough investigation focused on supplements sold in the […]

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Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis

Loey Lane is an ordinary college student who loves animals. At the same time she is a beauty blogger and army wife. She is very active on her own YouTube channel where she posts videos and gets many interesting comments and replies. Some of these comments are full of support and positive reactions while others […]

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5 Surprising Facts That Will Make You Eat Cabbage as Rabbit

Cabbage is a leafy plant and vegetable used in the meals of people all over the world since ancient times.  What we know today as standard cabbage has origins in Europe (in the Atlantic part of Europe) and people cultivated these vegetables about two millennia ago. Even Ancient Egyptians and Greeks have grown some modifications […]

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Do You Know The Natural and Proper Way to Poop?

Modern people are experiencing some health problems that were unknown for their ancestors. One very common problem among both men and women today is bowel trouble. Things like bowel problems, diarrhea, constipation and cramps is something that each of us experiences excessively often. There are many reasons for the occurrence of these problems – improper […]

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Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss – Read This & Never Start Your Day With a Mistake Again!

Do you have some breakfast ideas for weight loss? Why I asking you… Breakfast is the most important meal during the day. Never miss your breakfast if you aim to reduce your weight. The biggest mistake you can make is to skip breakfast, thinking that doing so will reduce your weight. In fact, if you […]

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Powerful – Two Ingredients Colon Cleansing Remedy

Many health problems can be avoided by simply colon cleansing. Removing of mucus, parasites from the intestines and fecal debris is inevitable, because the man through the intestines during an average lifetime spend over 200.000 pounds food and 10.000 gallons liquid. Over 30 pounds of those food and liquid are toxic substances accumulated in your stomach. They […]

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