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Food That Makes Pain Go Away

There are people who resort to drugs in the drawer at the smallest sign of pain. Yes, drugs are necessary when you have chronic pain, but if you use them constantly, your body quickly adapts to them and they are no longer useful. Of course, there are always undesirable side effects. Why don’t you try food […]

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The Best Coffee Recipe in Winter Morning

Coffee is our daily pleasure for beginning and finishing our day. We offer you another perfect taste of easily prepared coffee. Hot Winter Coffee – Try it! You won’t regret! Ingredients: 50 g dark chocolate; 250 ml milk; 1 spoon of brown sugar; 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder; 1 teaspoon of instant coffee; 150 ml whipped cream. Preparation: Heat the […]

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Food – Healthy Products Only !!!

Here is a short list of the unhealthiest products in the whole ”nutrition history’’: Fried food – Even vegetable, fruit and meet that are considered to be healthy products, lose their nutritive values when fried or over-cooked; Pop – corns – These are full of poisonous acids and oil; Products used instead of butter – […]

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Spicy – Tuna – Delicious Dish

Ingredients: A tuna can; 1 big potato; 1 coffee – spoon of ginger; A little lemon juice; One third coffee- spoon salt (according to your taste) ; One spicy pepper. Preparation: First of all, bake the potato, either in the oven or on a barbecue. Then, peal it and blend it. Put the blended potato […]

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6 Good Reasons to Take a Cup of Coffee Now!

Latest research has shown: Coffee reduces the possibility of depression when it comes to women; Reduces the possibility of throat cancer; Lowers the risk of blood cancer; Lowers the risk of Alzheimer; Lowers the risk of diabetes; It is a good enough excuse to see a friend you haven’t talked to for years! For many […]

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