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10 Things You Need To Remember If You Love Someone with Anxiety

(HealthAndLovePage) Anxiety is a condition characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness, fear that something bad will happen accompanied by psychomotor tension and inner turmoil. In case you love someone with anxiety and care about that person, you should know few things that will make you understand them better and make your relationship even better. What You […]

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Recognize and Terminate These 5 Relationship Killers

Do you know that there are many relationship killers? Successful relationship is the best thing that you could experience. However,often, relationship fails because of stupid reasons. The Major Relationship Killers and Reasons. 1. Controlling Behavior. Most people entering relationship with a deep fear of rejection by a loved one. This fear may be the reason of various […]

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Natural Cures for Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken heart syndrome is commonly known name describing the horrible psycho-physical condition after relationship breakup. This syndrome is identified with stress cardiomyopathy, because it causes reversible heart muscle weakness which can cause heart attack. This happens when people are susceptible to many stressful situations mostly losing someone close. A large rush of emotions and feelings […]

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7 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is a complicated relation. Missed calls, plans that can’t be realized together, the missing, physical touch etc. But, in fact each relationship comes down to great communication and understanding. So in such cases communication is the thing that is important and determining. Each relationship requires effort and often brings certain problems too. […]

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My Love for You

Sense of attachment, psychological closeness, sympathy, the highest most powerful feeling, the engine of my life, my source of joy and happiness, need, desire, Your presence in my life is the sacred… and I with the loudest speech of my silence, more worthy than thousand words… I Love You My Dear.

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