Here’s How To Train Your Brain to Choose Healthy Foods

When choosing between salad and pizza, many of you would have chosen poor quality and fatty foods instead of healthy foods. You will choose pizza. But, in the new brain research conducted at Tufts University and published in the journal “Nutrition & Diabetes”, scientists have proven that adults can be trained to choose healthy foods and avoid the […]

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Turmeric Smoothie Recipe: Unbelievably Tasty and Powerful Antioxidant

How would it be when every morning you wake up with the perfect antioxidant-smoothie, which has many healthy properties? What would you say if that smoothie is delicious also? Have you ever tasted our perfect turmeric smoothie recipe? First, I will tell you the health benefits of turmeric, followed by the turmeric smoothie recipe. The Benefits of […]

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How Negative Emotions Can Affect Your Health?

People throughout their life experience a range of emotions and feelings. They experience joy, sadness, depression, etc… All these emotions cause different reaction in the body. In fact, because of these reactions the body releases different types of chemicals. It is a chemical process. For example, if the brain releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, someone feels happiness, pleasure […]

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